Friday, August 25, 2017

Some Friday fun before the big fight (McGregor vs Mayweather)

Like many I am sure. I was surprised to hear the fight with Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather was actually going to happen. Once I heard it would be a boxing match under the Marquess of Queensberry rules of boxing, I thought it was ridiculous and a huge money making farce.

I have to admit that I have given in to the hype by this point and am looking forward to the match. I have taken it for what it is. Both Boxing and Cage fighting are entertainment combat sports. So it fits perfectly and makes sense to do something of this nature as entertainment at the end of the day is what it is about.

So, what do I think of the outcome?  Well, Mayweather is the firm favorite to win for good reason!

Known as one of the best boxers of all time and arguably the best counter fighter of all time. It would be like fighting a ghost that hits back. It can be a thing of beauty to watch his defensive style. He is also a "professor" in terms of the rules of his game, knowing them inside out, also allowing him to take full advantage even of grey areas.

With McGregor, I feel it will be extremely difficult coming in under these rules, essentially into Mayweathers home or Lions Den if you prefer. Part of me loves an underdog story though, so let me go through a few ways in my opinion that Conor might stand any chance at all.

I have to say that if Conor were to go in and box Floyd in an orthadox manner he would stand very little chance. Floyd has mastered the art of dealing with "Boxers". Conor would need to bring an unorthodox fight to the game (which he has hinted at). Something that Floyd would not be used too.

I respect Conor for getting to the top of his game in the UFC, in much part also due to his ability to bring an un-orthodox style into that arena. What I mean is that he also trained in some different styles not commonly seen in cage fighting. He trained his kicks from ITF Taekwon-Do (our style) among others as well as often utilising distancing more from Taekwon-Do or Karate (being further out than what is common in that arena) as well as more speed and explosiveness from a distance to close the gap.

My point is that while he is not allowed to use kicks here, he was effective in bringing something less recognisable to cage fighting which worked for him, so I would imagine him bringing a less recognisable style of boxing tomorrow night would at least make it a bit more difficult for Floyd.

Another advantage Conor could have is that there are no boxing matches for Mayweather to study of Conor. I am sure he would study his UFC matches but it is not  as accurate a reflection. On the other hand Mcgregor has many hours of footage to study, work out strategies and find weaknesses. Having said that many of Mayweathers opponents have had that opportunity.

Hypothetically,  with the monumental task of training to beat "Money" Mayweather, I would imagine he should utilise the less orthodox stance and distancing and opt more for the larger distance out while in neutral positions.

It would be advisable to blast forward with massive speed, while covered up and to unload very fast combinations aiming more to connect once Floyd has dodged, anticipating where his head will be as opposed to where it is.

Seeing as Floyd is an absolute master of stationary head dodges, also then go for the body first (while low & head covered up, especially if he is against the ropes). It is harder to move the whole torso out of the way (even though Floyd is still excellent at that) but not as good perhaps as his head dodges.

Conor would have to use his advantages in age, strength, confidence, ability to innovate, the fact he is south paw, lighter gloves being allowed and raw hunger in order to take it. If it did happen, I believe it would happen early on (he also has said that he would end it early) , because it is a tiring way to engage throwing many punches with such aggression.

In any case it should be great fun to watch and who ever wins, hopefully with a KO as both of them have stated it won't go the distance. It should be extremely memorable.

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